Imaging Power & Flux

I am interested in how the language of graphical information is used to visualize data related to themes of power and flux. The charts, maps and diagrams we consume on a daily basis, from print and online sources, interpret events and data, and are then represented as visual evidence or fact. Such events as the spread of a virus within a region or the changing borders of a disputed area of land become transformed and compressed into a visual abstraction, a free-floating graphic, disconnected from the physical reality it references. But as we all know, the interpretation of an image is always imperfect, contested, and inconsistent. My drawings question visual representations of power and flux by reframing the notion of concrete data as visual illusion. In essence, this series of drawings, Imaging Power and Flux, examines the afterimages we are left with, as the artifacts of all the graphical information we have viewed, ultimately commingle, condense and form hybrids in our memory.


© 2018 Jim Morris